Freeze after ISO change, when card is write-protected

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gotar created an issue

With current nightly when trying to change ISO value from Expo menu I got lockup with blue led on. Nothing works (including switching camera off) except for power disconnection.

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  1. gotar reporter

    Checked again, it happens only when the card is write protected. Maybe not entirely proper operating conditions, but should be handled gracefully. Why does it even try to write something onto the card? I thought ISO is stored internaly among other camera settings (why changed from Expo menu behaves differently?) Other ML functions using card, like module selection, simply fail to write (create/remove module.en file in this case) and don't even issue any warning on that.

  2. gotar reporter

    I can - tethered (or I can simply use the camera as metering device more featured than actual shoting one). More about making it more comfortable/robust here:

    this bug applies to some sanity check missing only (unsuccessful write can have many reasons, making card r/o is just a quick way for triggering the bug, which might - maybe, occour on weared or full card as well).

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