Camera freezes when pressing * to toogle 10x zoom

Issue #1645 wontfix
Former user created an issue

I was using the 22.Aug build compiled by laurenco and the camera freezes 100% when pressing the * button for the 10x zoom. raw video, histogram and focus dots are enabled. Using the "Loupe" button will zoom to 5x and 10x just fine. AF must be turned off on the lens.

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  1. Alex

    Simply press the shutter halfway to unlock it.

    Without locking the UI while changing zoom, the camera may take completely black pictures (only happens on 5D3).

  2. Alex

    almost impossible to fix, unless you understand how to avoid the race condition between PROP_LV_DISPSIZE and picture taking

  3. pascalbit

    Ahh half shutter is workaround. Good to know. It's just strange that in July builds the * button 10x zoom worked flawless.

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