Timelapse play has some inertia

Issue #1659 wontfix
gotar created an issue

Steps to reproduce: 1. set set+scrollwheel to timelapse play in preview mode, 2. enter preview, start the feature, 3. without stopping sequence, press some mode-changing button (like Menu or Trash). 4. observe a few bogus 'keystrokes' that happen.

When Menu button is pressed, it catches a few left/right events that should not happen. When Trash is pressed when playing in the right direction, one cannot Cancel the operation, as Erase button is immediately highlighted.

It seems like this feature emits too much movement actions to be captured and handled before Canon firmware gets into the front. Is it throttled anyway? I guess this needs some moderation to throw 'next image' only when previous one is already loaded, otherwise depending on hw/card speed and keystroke buffer weird and dangerous things might happen.

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  1. Alex

    This behavior is by design: if you overload Canon's playback dialog with left/right events, it will display the pictures faster (exactly what this feature is supposed to do).

  2. gotar reporter

    Yes, it display's the blurred preview, the same as when keep holding left/right. So I guess throttling events not to fill entire key buffer but to put there only +1 or +2 keystrokes ahead would be hard to acomplish (speed of processing depends on many factors), but isn't there any other way to prevent these glitches? I can think of putting some kind of fence to stop these events escaping outside, for example by deattaching Menu (and other buttons that can cause the weirdness) from it's current action (going into Canon menu) during timelapse and make them stop timelapse instead (one would have to press Menu twice to get into - unless ML could stop timelapse and then call original menus).

    ML already intercepts Menu (junkie mode now, customize menus earlier) and Trash:) so this should be possible in playback mode as well. Unfortunatelly I have no idea on internals nor Canon vs ML interaction for now, so can't judge or code this myself, thus I ask you to reconsider this ticket for other solutions than initially suggested.

  3. Alex

    The only side effect I've noticed on 5D2 is just scrolling a few items in Canon menu.

    Controlling the buffer require some reverse engineering on the message queues. Catching some other keys to stop the timelapse is also possible, and probably the easiest solution.

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