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Advanced Tv bracket in C mode seems to switch to M mode after a blub shot.

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  1. engardeknave

    To clarify, this bug can be reproduced with the following steps:

    1) Use a custom mode (registered as M).

    2) Setup an advanced bracket, type: exposure.

    3) At least one exposure has to be so long (20-30 seconds?) that it switches to bulb mode. (ISO 100 f/11+ high-DR scene)

    4) After the bulb shot the camera will switch to M, as if you actually turned the dial. All the settings will change.

    I'll be shooting a bracket at f/11 and then all of a sudden it switches to f/4 because that's how M mode was set. This happens even if ML decides to do two blub exposures. It will switch to M and then perform the second blub exposure at what are probably completely different settings. Even if it doesn't do that it's major problem if you you forget to check the setting after each bracket.

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