5D Mark II crashes when stopping raw video rec w hdmi monitor connected

Issue #1664 resolved
Former user created an issue

While using my 5D Mark II with the 4b3129d5a739 build by a_d_ to record raw video, got a lilliput hdmi monitor connected, magiclantern crashes when i stop raw recording (by pressing the set button). the camera then automaticly exits live view mode and shows an error message, that says i have to switch the camera off and on to use it again, and to send the crash logs to the magic lantern devs. so here they are! keep up the fantastic work!

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  1. Dominik Chlup

    I HAVE NOT this problem with module raw_rec or mlv_rec in version 24.6.2014. I have Lilliput 7" LCD Field Monitor 1024 x 600.

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