Issue with cr2hdr. Ubuntu 13.04

Issue #1675 invalid
erokata created an issue
kata@KATA-PC:~/.local/share/nautilus/scripts$ ./cr2hdr /home/kata/Pictures/test/IMG_4823.CR2

Input file     : /home/kata/Pictures/test/IMG_4823.CR2
Canon EOS 650D detected
Full size      : 5280 x 3528
Active area    : 5280 x 3528
Unknown option "-E".
Error: dcraw output is not a valid PGM file

I have take a look to options of dcraw and indeed I found not option -E, but I found (-e Extract embedded thumbnail image) But, after editing cr2hdr.c, big E to small e and recompiling, the error (Unknown option "-E") has gone, but not (Error: dcraw output is not a valid PGM file), it's still there :(

Please fix this.

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