ML on 50D hangs up

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Stian Espe created an issue


When using Intervallometer, and bulb timer, on my 50D the camera takes photos until its manually stopped. However, when the above is stopped, all Canon menues gets unstable. "Info view" is total black, and "Image review" is sometimes opening. Red light is continuous.

If power switch is set to "Off", the camera reports that "1 Image Recording", and never shuts off. Its not possible to start a new shooting session after this, and battery needs to be removed.

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  1. Stian Espe reporter

    I might have found the fix for it already, .. Seems like clear all canon settings resolved the issue, but i would need to check it further.. Had to go to work.. Ill let you guys know if this needs more focus.

  2. Stian Espe reporter

    Problem reappeared after setting my config on the camera after a reset all config, i then reset it again. Works fine just after a reset, and then i tried to set my settings again, but this time i did not manage to replicate the bug..... will try some more.. =)

    But, there is definitely something there, just need to find the specific setting that causes the hang ups..

  3. Stian Espe reporter

    I am currently using the nightly from 3 oct... issues did appear as stated above once..

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