Force powersave by LCD sensor immediately returns online (LV)

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gotar created an issue

Prefs/Powersave In LiveView/Use LCD sensor allows one to disable camera by covering LCD sensor for a while. Unfortunatelly as soon as sensor is uncovered, camera is back on, so this part of the feature (turning off) is usable only when hiding to the bag. I don't know whether this was designed this way or is it some glitch (and if so - if it's fixable, since uncovering probably always emits event that triggers turning on), but maybe it would be better to attach only one action (i.e. turning off or on) to the sensor.

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  1. Alex

    This behavior is by design (LV turns off if the camera sits unused, on the neck strap). To turn it off completely, use the INFO button.

    Never used this TBH, so I might remove it.

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