Zoom on half-shutter conflicts with ETTR trigger

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engardeknave created an issue

When zoom on half-shutter is enabled and ETTR is set to engage on half shutter double-click, the zoom will often stick until you press the zoom button.

Not quite sure if this is even worth reporting.

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  1. engardeknave reporter

    Unfortunately that doesn't help when shooting portrait with a battery grip and you can't reach the set button.

  2. Alex

    You got me here, I don't use a battery grip.

    I remember a feature request of adding a delay to zoom on half-shutter (1 second or something). Will it help?

  3. engardeknave reporter

    Nah, I wouldn't use that. I didn't think there would be an easy solution to this besides a central button manager of some kind. (Which would solve a lot of other problems and add a ton of functionality if someone did it.)

  4. gotar

    I guess that means "full button customization".

    For example yesterday I was checking which buttons wake up camera - there are 6 on my 500D (LV/rec, play, menu, disp., zoom in, shutter release), while every single one button (including DoF preview) makes 'something' (I see blinking card LED). This is a little confusing.

    Secondly - when zebras are enabled in play mode one can use arrows to move spotmeter... unless spotmeter is disabled. I would prefer to have default actions (cycling photos when no zoom applied, move zoom area otherwise).

    I guess having the play button working the same way as set, but in opposite direction, doesn't fit everyone. Same goes for menu (what if someone doesn't use junkie menu?) or display (I don't even have help files installed).

    To sum this up: there are few buttons on a body (and they differ between models), and there are lots of actions to be attached. It's clear that any reasonable choice of defaults would not fit everyone, so the best ML could do is to allow custom keybindings (including on the key list not only physical buttons, but other triggering events like LCD/orientation sensor, motion/sound detection, focus ring, focal change, AF/IS toggle etc.).

    Now there are separate places when one can choose keys (I recall expo presets), I've seen some requests for binding sth to rarely used key, other times one must choose which action to have, and which to disable (i.e. set+scrollwheel in play mode - what if anyone would prefer to have timelapse on these two buttons, expo adjust on zoom in/out buttons, and actual zooming by changing lens focal length? or have portrait photos displayed in horizontal or vertical depending on orientation sensor?). That would be awsome, but I'm not sure if worth doing (at this stage of project).

  5. Alex

    Yes, but this will require re-implementing pretty much everything that uses buttons. It's a HUGE task, so I want a clear image of what it's supposed to do, usage scenarios, mockups, stuff like that.

    FYI: when the camera is turned off, ML is not running.

  6. engardeknave reporter

    I'm sorry, I didn't elaborate because I know a couple people have mentioned this before, and I can't imagine I'd have any better ideas about it than you. This certainly is a huge project and I realize the only way it will happen is if someone with the ability to implement it wants it bad enough.

    I'll post something about this.

    edit: http://www.magiclantern.fm/forum/index.php?topic=7816.0

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