Original Canon Overlays

Issue #1690 wontfix
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This is not an important bug because it as remained in ML firmware since the first version but it really as annoyed me and I am not sure if it's my camera's fold. I use a canon 600d and I am currently using the last nightly build (05/10/2013).

Firstly I want to say that I am huge fan of your work. But the thing is, whenever I came back from another place like canon or ML menu when I go to liveview there is a small delay to the overlays appear on the screen. And other thing is when I half click the shutter button Canon overlays overlap ML's. This are just two small details because I just think this is to awesome to have even two microscopic but annoying failures. If you think it is important and you can solve I would appreciate a lot you do it but you are already awesome anyway. Thanks for your time.

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