AF permanently fails using bracketing ----resolved

Issue #1696 resolved
Former user created an issue

Problem solved by resetting C.Fn !!!!

here the original problem

Im using ML on my 5d2 since a couple weeks and so far it worked fine. Today, Ive used the hdr bracketing function (2 frames 1,5EV) in combination with the 2sec self-timer. After shooting some frames the AF failed and still does. Switched camera off/on, didnt help, switched lens, didnt help, switched memory card without ML on it, didn`t help.

Just prior to the failure, i noticed the frame actuation delayed (for the second image).

Do you have any ideas how to solve the problem. Is there an option to remove firmware and reinstall (i don`t mean update).

I`d be very happy for your help and suggestions.

Thanks, Anne

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