cr2hdr messes up the lens meta information

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Marsu42 created an issue

The "Scale Factor To 35 mm Equivalent:" is broken on conversion, resulting in wrong lens and fov data - bad for later cataloging, there are plugins that actually make use of this data.

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  1. Alex

    First guess:

            {0x11A,  T_RATIONAL,   1,  (int)cam_Resolution},               // XResolution
            {0x11B,  T_RATIONAL,   1,  (int)cam_Resolution},               // YResolution
            {0x11C,  T_SHORT,      1,  1},                                 // PlanarConfiguration: 1
            {0x128,  T_SHORT,      1,  2},                                 // ResolutionUnit: inch

    which smells like DPI. Makes sense?

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