canon 550d ERR 70

Issue #1725 duplicate
roni geva created an issue

Hi Alex my 550d stop to work . i do all the things that are in the forum and i still get the err 70 aftet i turn on the camera. I've tried to runs it with and without card, using different batteries and lenses. i think that the photo setting got corrupted - picture quality. I can't get to Canon menu - any menu !! it happend after using the DSLR DASHBOARD. i saw in the forum to "autoexec bypass the assert handle" - Disabled the assert handler how i do this thing? the log file is:

ASSERT: FALSE at BurstMgr.c:178, task RscMgr lv:1 mode:2

Magic Lantern version : v2.3.NEXT.2013Aug08.550D109 Mercurial changeset : cc66246de539+ (unified) tip Built on 2013-08-08 13:06:06 UTC by magiclantern@magiclantern-VirtualBox. Free Memory : 263K + 1636K

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