ML won't boot on 60D

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Hello Great community!

I had ML installed for over a year on my 60D and had great time with it. Now I got my camera from service (broken flipscreen) and suddenly ML dissapeared. I tried everything from re-updating canon firmware to reinstalling ML and making card bootable with EOSCard, but unfortunatelly nothing works. I have another SD card (32Gb) but the problem remains the same.

Ussualy, in the past (when ML worked) I saw in the format menu ML components, and red light did blinked when I inserted card in the slot. Now, nothing happens and I dont see anything related to ML in the format menu...

Please help Luka

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  1. Luka Pece

    Thank for answer.

    My cards are Sandisk Extreme 16 & 32 Gb. How do I know if the bootflag is enabled? With EosCard 1.4 I checked the bootdisk and I have fir file for 60D on card...


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