ETTR and Deflicker not working when picture mode is set to any other than RAW

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michele caminati created an issue

Hi I've been testing ETTR and deflicker with my 6D to get nice timelapses, at first I could not make it work correctly, until I found that it works fine just if picture quality is set to RAW and RAW hystogram is set to OFF, (I was shooting at first RAW + M-JPG with raw hystogram ON)

when I've tried to make a timelapse in SRAW mode ETTR would not chang any setting and no .xmp files were saved...

It would be nice to make it work at least on M-RAW or S-RAW picture quality as when I make timelapses to edit in 1080p I'm not interested In the full resolution raw file... will it be possible? That would be amazing! thank you very much

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  1. michele caminati reporter

    Looks like it will take a while... ;-) Thank you very much, I will try with silent pictures although it won't save .xmp ... I can Always use ETTR and deflicker in post, thank you very much.

  2. michele caminati reporter

    Don't know, I'm not an expert... I can just confirm ETTR and post deflicker is not working in Mraw, Sraw, and even any Raw + jpg shooting mode...

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