6D - dual ISO not working in RAW video recording, just HDR video works

Issue #1739 resolved
michele caminati created an issue

When I try to record some raw video using dual ISO on my 6D I don't get usual dual ISO dng files to process with cr2hdr out of RAWanizer but just some normal dng files with some bad aliasing... is it normal or I am just missing some settings?? Is it actually possible to record dual iso raw video with 6d at the moment? If I record HDR raw video everything works...

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  1. Alex

    Older versions of raw2dng used to process dual ISO when converting the raw file. Try with latest raw2dng.

  2. michele caminati reporter

    Found it and works, thanks! Do you know if there's a version that writes canon 6d camera information into .dng files so I can load color profiles in ACR or lightroom?

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