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Hi there, My name is Arpi. I shoot on Canon 5D in NYC and just got the Mark II a couple of months ago... To cut to the chase, I just upgraded the firmware to 2.08 and it looks it's still missing something I'm hoping you could help with... So here's the scenario I did with my 5d Mark1 on a daily base: On a event/gig, I'm setting wireless flashes that I trigger with skyport trigger system or ebay radio slaves. As I also do ambient light shots, I set my C1 in the CFn(on Mark1) not to trigger the flash. So by the turn of the dial I was able to change from flash lighting to ambient w/out having to turn off the trigger connected to the pc sync or any flash I had on my camera. Now, on the mark II there;s no such setting and Im having a hell of a time trying to swith to ambient lighting , turn the dial, turn off the wireless trigger+ catch the moment I was about to. The pc sync connector still triggers even though I set it not to fire on the speedlite. I know I seem picky and maybe peculiar, but this was a great feature since the Costum setting and I am willing to Pay /donate to anyone who's willing to give me a hand. You don't want to know how badly this affects me( have in mind I use my first 5D as a second camera too) Appreciate any advice or direction I could take.(email me directly if you wish Arpi

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  1. Alex

    Salut Arpi,

    So you want to quickly enable/disable the flash? I'd like to implement that on 550D, too, in a way similar to Fuji s6500's natural light mode.

    The 350D and 450D hacks set some (hidden) custom functions in the camera, so it should be possible. We have to find out how to turn off the flash and the trigger.

    But for the moment, Magic Lantern only works on 2.0.4.

  2. Former user Account Deleted

    Salut Alex, Thanks for your response,I'm really happy to know that there's a chance to solve this. I don't mind using the 2.0.4 version firmware, there's no features I need from the new release...( I even wondered if I could downgrade to 1.x.x version from 5DI so I can use that flash feature on /off that is so important for me.) So if there could be a hidden custom function on 5DII as you mentioned on the 350/450D I would be really grateful. Tell me what that's worth for you/your time. Thanks a lot, looking forward to good news. Arpi

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