50D, maybe others no longer displays correct shutter or digitally modified ISO

Issue #1741 resolved
One Percent created an issue

So I guess nobody noticed for a while but it seems digital ISO nor real movie mode shutter is no longer displayed on 50D.

Also on other cameras ML digital iso is no longer displayed either.

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  1. andy600

    [50D] I think shutter speed displays correctly if FPS Override is disabled? Could it be anything to do with settings in 'internals.h'?

    /** We can also override shutter on a per-frame basis */
    /** And we can override the digital ISO component via FRAME_ISO too **/

    BTW a1ex, I added back


    as you suggested but the rear wheel stops working in the ML menu when 'movie' is selected in the expsim menu.

  2. Alex

    No, it's the LV info code that needs to be updated (and maybe cleaned up a little). The ISO/shutter from menu are fine.

    For expsim, I'm not sure what other differences are (there should be some), but if you have enabled it in a previous version, and now you don't have it in menu, you don't get a chance to toggle it back. On 5D2 I actually require it set to movie for ML to behave as in movie mode, but on 50D it doesn't seem the best choice. The menu issue should be easy to solve (find some transparent Canon dialog that you can bring in movie mode and that uses the scrollwheel, and hijack that one). BTW, what dialog is right now behind ML menu? (on 5D2 it's the picture style one).

  3. andy600

    It's frustrating. I haven't got a clue how to do what you suggest and I don't know how to check the Canon dialog.

  4. Alex

    Hold on, FEATURE_EXPSIM is enabled on 50D, right? (I thought it got disabled somehow)

    In this case, why the guy who reported the bug didn't toggle it?!

  5. andy600

    Am I correct in assuming the shutter speed shown in the ML menu is the correct one? i.e. the LV overlay shutter display ignores FPS Override? Sounds like a simple fix?

  6. Alex

    Yeah, the shutter from ML menu (shutter_display) is correct. If you update it, apply the change on all cameras.

    ISO is a little more complex (there are a lot of variables and special cases here). The menu displays the basic ISO setting, but the LV bar displays some more things (like dual ISO in a compact format, or the current value of auto ISO). I need a good couple of hours to sit down and try all these special cases, but I won't refuse if you try to fix some of them.

    Regarding expsim: if it's enabled, and ExpSim ON/OFF is working fine (including H.264 and manual exposure controls), there's nothing else to do. It's working as expected.

    I was confused by that report, and I thought the guy can't change the setting because ExpSim is no longer there.

  7. andy600

    Thanks a1ex :)

    I'll look into the shutter display problem but can't promise I'll know how to fix it myself... I'll have a go though. I'll not touch the ISO stuff because it's well beyond my understanding.

    re: ExpSim - Yes, I couldn't understand what that guy was having problems with because ExpSim is there and (to the best of my knowledge) is working correctly. Maybe his LiveView function settings were not set up (set with func button before entering LV) or he had toggled it off. I'm thinking to upload a couple of configs for when user error is likely the issue. I guess sometimes the obvious things get overlooked lol.

  8. Phillip Davis

    I've been looking over recent commits to 50D internals.h and the only changes I can see related to Shutter seem to be in internals.h where initially 1% put: #define CONFIG_FRAME_SHUTTER_OVERRIDE and then a1ex later removed it shortly before the report of it no longer working. I don't have a 50D to test re-enabling this, but does that look like a likely place to re-enable it? I'm doing some random digging trying to understand what could have done this, but not getting a clear answer.

  9. Phillip Davis

    Oh okay well after looking at your code it seems similarly possible the ISO is only missing in movie mode and there's no if conditional to catch for movie mode. Also I'd have to see if I can figure out how ISO is read in movie mode.

  10. Alex

    I was not able to override shutter speed on 5D2/500D (same generation as 50D), that's why I highly doubt CONFIG_FRAME_SHUTTER_OVERRIDE works on 50D.

  11. Phillip Davis

    so Albert's fix was in lens.c, but I don't really think that the ISO settings would be related to the lens right? Ideas where I should be looking? or is it as simple as adding a conditional like was done for is_movie_mode in the next block for ISO?

  12. One Percent reporter

    You can override the shutter timer but it doesn't accept the settings. The best you get is a back and forth between ML/Canon. Same goes for shutter fine tuning too. It might work if re-coded to use ADTG shutters instead.

  13. Alex

    LV ISO display: in movie mode, read it from FRAME_ISO and include the effects of ML digital ISO, FPS override corrections, full-stop rounding with raw video (should be similar to the one before LVinfo refactoring). Should fix issue #1741, to be tested.

    → <<cset e45ccf5cfdb2>>

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