5D2 crashes when exposure bracketing in LV

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Firstly, I'd like to extend my sincere thanks and appreciation to the community at large for contributing to such a wonderful project.

I recently availed myself of ML and am very pleased and impressed with the added capabilities afforded to my 5D2. I decided to install the 10/28 nightly build and have found that the 5D2 crashes frequently when exposure bracketing in Live View. I attempted this is various modes - Manual, AV, etc. - and crashes occurred in each mode. The camera crashed using both AutoExposure and selectable frame options. My camera has the latest 2.1.2 firmware. With each crash, it was necessary for me to remove the battery in order to reboot the camera. If LV is not used, the process is stable. I've since reverted back to the stable 2.3 build with no related issues.

Thank you

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  1. engardeknave

    10/28 and a few versions prior had a problem with raw histograms that caused lots of crashes. It was fixed.

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