60d can't take more than one photo

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Canon 60d 1.1.1

Magic Lantern version : v2.3.60D.111

I'm running ML on my camera for the last 1 year and half.

The camera does not take and record, more than one photo with out the need to open (just open) the battery door. Second photo is taken but does not show in the Lcd monitor when taken and is also not recorded in to the card (does the some with out a card). The camera shows "busy" if I press the play bottom to see the photo, but even lets me take a third photo but than blocks! I turn off the camera and in the Lcd shows a animation saying "Busy saving remaining photos …". It stays like this until I open the battery door. Turn on the camera and every thing looks "normal". I don't have the long exposure noise reduction" on. Now and then during this process when it blocks gives me the "err 70" or "err 80". I already reset the camera to the factory settings delete the user settings ad restore the Custom Controls (C.Fn) to the factory settings also. It's the same in any mode that I've tried (auto/manual), silent picture the same. The camera records video, records photos but just one at a time! Burst mode freezes the camera ("busy"), saves the first photo the others behaves the same as one shot mode. Busy!!! One more thing I'm shooting Jpeg in Raw it's the same.

Looks like there is some corruption, everything started when my card was full and I had to take another card also with ML but this card is Class 6 and I went to an event where I took around 150 photos in one hour and the camera did show this busy thing. I thought was the card (slow). Turn of the camera (animation come on the LCD) take of the battery and shoot again and no problem for a while and happened two more times and I made the same procedure. I dint notice anything wrong for some days and I was taking some photos in the next days with the same card. But the camera from one day to the oder just takes one photo. The camera takes the next photos but does not pull it out I thing it keeps the photos in the buffer until its full and them blocks showing the error.

I try to run the stability test but the camera freezed in the second shot "err 80" and did not record any crash log. It never records a crash log I think it does not considerer a crash. But I saved some logs:

Some Crash logs were saved in the log folder but from what I've been searching nothing to do with the problem that I have.

I did not find any similar problem! Theres is a away to fix this or I have to send the camera to canon? By the way with this card normaly I play arrond with custom FPS inferior numbers (i.e. 17 out 24 fps) due to the card speed on movie mode.

Thank you for the attention, sorry for the long post and English

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