pushing Set buttom freezes camera

Issue #1747 wontfix
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If I push set button while recording raw camera freezes, and I have to pull out the battery in order to turn of the camera. I upgraded to the latest build (ML2.3 Nov 09)but the problem still exists. Note: Before I ever istalled ML, button "Set" had custom functionality of 5x 10x zooming in live view. Is there something that can be done to avoid the crache?

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  1. gotar

    I would not reopen this bug, but don't you think that ML should not freeze in any circumstances? If zooming while recording exposes some internal problem, that can't be fixed itself, IMHO ML should disable zoom function while recording (printing some message instead, if possible), preventing anyone from accicental freezes (and reducing number of bug reports and complaints about stability).

  2. gotar

    Please, a1ex, don't get me wrong (the "ML should not freeze in any circumstances" I suppose, right?) - I was just referring to "Program Defensively" and "Fail Intelligently" from "Safe Hacking" article you've given the link once on the forum. If taking over the "Set" keypress event is impossible I would be glad if you simply said that, no need to make a mock of anyone. Otherwise I would expect preventing zooming in while recording (doesn't matter if only as temporary workaround or permanent solution) instead of "wontfix".

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