Card writing speed bug after 8min recording

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When recording on my 128Gb 1050x Komputerbay-card the speed indicator drops speed to 0mb/sec at the 8min mark. Has to be some calculating error because i can still continue recording until the card is full.23.30 at 25fps. Full Hd Mk III. After the speed hits 0.0mb/sec it slowly starts to rise again in 0.1mb/sec increments.

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  1. C-luck

    Hi! Same happened with my 128gb 1000x Komputerbay CF and even with 64gb UDMA7 90MB/s Sandisk CF. Exact drop times are always constant (8:25 and 9:25, if I remember correctly). Havent analyzed the data yet, if frames after that specific time are defected or skipped. Will do that soon. But this is surely ML bug and I'd be very happy if this gets adressed.

  2. Georg Hofstetter

    i found an issue that could lead to such behavior after writing ~43GiB video files. pushed a fix - can you to test again?

  3. Markus Haraldsson

    I guessed that might have been the case. I'll see if I have time to try the new one tomorrow (or rather later today to be precise =)).

  4. C-luck


    g3gg0, you are talking about the specific limit like ~43GB? I mean, I managed to reproduce the issue with both 128GB Komputerbay and 64GB Sandisk. The overall capacity of the card is not relevant?

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