600D overheat issue w/ newer builds

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As reported in the "nightly builds" forum, the 600D is definitely overheating with the newer nightlies. Particularly since the new memory and layout was implemented.

6 overheat warnings and shutdowns over a 3 hr period using 10-25 build. Other cams with older build showed no signs of overheating or experienced any warnings while used in the same environment.

thanks guys ...


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  1. dslr rookie

    Yes, I set the cameras up myself. Everything was identical with exception of the build date. Luckily I brought extra cards with the older build on them.

  2. dslr rookie

    Alex, I'm well aware of how to report bugs. This issue has been reported several times. I am just verifying that there is in fact an overheat issue. Ever since the new memory and layout was changed there have been issues reported with overheating.

    But just for the sake of "proper bug reporting"

    GD on Red X crossout on Auto restart on * Audio override on *

    Everything else ML defaults

    Outdoor temps: 72 degrees F Windy

    Only one camera out of three overheated, also only camera running latest nightly build 10-25.

    Installed card with 6-2 build .. no more overheat issues.

  3. Alex

    Some older builds only had YUV zebras, for example (zero CPU usage), but more recent ones may use raw zebras (very CPU intensive).

    Since I don't have a 600D, I assummed it's obvious that you need to show a LOT more info (a video for example).

  4. Alex

    It's important to know what kind of zebras. Fast zebras do not use any CPU, and for this reason they are the default. Raw zebras are very accurate for ETTR, but very slow.

  5. dslr rookie

    Update: I had my operator do some testing tonight in cooler ambient temps (62 degrees F). The camera ran for just over 1 hr without getting a warning and shutting down.

    Red X Crossout, Auto restart, Audio override, and Zebras all on.

    He said the display showed between 60- 65 degrees celcius.

  6. Błażej Błaszczuk

    I have newest nightly build (2013-12-08). Temperature got up to 61C with ambient temperature -2C after about 20 minutes but I was switching camera on and off so real work time would be about ten minutes. There were default zebras, spot meter and audio override turned on. How high is safe temperature?

  7. dslr rookie

    Our test have been inconclusive. Latest builds are not stable enough for continuous use. We've had cameras overheat and shutdown after 15 mins in cool temps while others operate normally for up to an hour in warmer temps. We are not experiencing this with older builds.

  8. Alex

    Can you upload a video showing the problem? Preferred: two 600Ds side by side, one with the old version, one with the new one, and also attach both config files. If it overheats in 15 minutes it should be easy.

  9. dslr rookie

    Alex, I will talk to my second operator and see if he can work on this ... I know he said the problem wasn't consistent. We did rule out the camera though, it was reproduced on a second camera.

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