When loaded ETTR module and click the tab "Exposure Controls" camera completely hangs

Issue #1787 invalid
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This problem is present in all the latest builds including Date: 2013-12-19 04:15:09 +0400 On the modules tab that ETTR successfully loaded.

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  1. Alexander

    I do not load their settings. I take a new nightly build, and copy it to a blank SD card (settings file also taken from the nightly build).But if you must, then later I'll post the settings menu.There is another problem, module Dual_ISO is loaded with mistake, but I'll create a separate post about it. I am sorry for my bad english.

  2. Alexander

    what more useful information I can provide to help you find the problem? (for example: screen shots downloaded processes, memory dump, configuration file created after hovering camera)

  3. Alexander

    a1ex, thanks for the help, the reason was not true in my actions. On a flash card was autoexec.bin file from version ML 2.3 After replacing the file autoexec.bin new, the problem was resolved. I do not understand, how work affects autoexec.bin specific functions...

  4. Greg

    If you are using the new build of the module, you need a new autoexec.bin and 500D_111.sym file.

    The safest way to remove everything, and upload the new files.

  5. Alexander

    Thanks, I understood. Just the other features worked quite correctly with the old file autoexec.bin and I never thought about it until I took a module ETTR

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