Early Stop (14) + Crash Log

Issue #1788 duplicate
Former user created an issue

Got a error Early Stop (14) when recording Raw with (raw_rec module). It said this is a bug. Report it. Didn't crash the camera.

Later however I also got a crash. Crashlog:

ASSERT: FALSE at Memory\Memory.c:184, task mlv_play_task lv:0 mode:3

Magic Lantern version : v2.3.NEXT.2013Dec19.5D2212 Mercurial changeset : 1e2f2b41891f (unified) tip Built on 2013-12-18 23:10:16 UTC by jenkins@magiclantern.fm. Free Memory : 128K + 4030K

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  1. Alex

    The early stop bug is that it could squeeze a few more frames (the card speed estimation was a little off). The other one looks more serious, can you reproduce it?

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