Help 5d Mark III canot install ML

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odairpedro created an issue

Hi guys pleas am desperated I need help, I installed magic lantern, for raw 5 mounth ago I trayd to use it and it workd fine but I didnt have the CF card so I just stop using it, and for verry long time I didnt used it, and yesterday I got my CF card, and I tryed to install ML again from my sd cad, and whenever I install it comes the smile face and than I restart my camara and the camara don load ML I tryed it several times and still not installing!!! I tryed to istall the Alpha 3 version, and it is working but I have to instal the fremeware when ever I restart the camara, Am so deperated I dream of shooting raw for verry long time Pleas help guys I will make a video showing the problem... Thanks

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  1. odairpedro reporter

    sorry disturb you again, can you pleas Help me, because on the page that you send me there is no information about this issue, I installed everying correctly as the video tutorial says, and i have some experience with magic lantern, I have already istalled magic lantern on this camara once it was working just fine, plus i have it working on my 60d, can I make upload a video on youtoobe to show you what is really happenig, Pleas am really devasteded

  2. odairpedro reporter

    sorry alex I mean no disrespect here on the forum am just looking for help I realy dont know what else to do but ask you guys, pleas am beging for help pleas, I boght my 5d just because of ML...

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