Intervalometer does not reset after using it

Issue #1792 wontfix
leandroprz created an issue

I tried the intervalometer a few times with 300-400 shots and it works fine. But after using it, it mantains the previous settings instead of going back to OFF.

I'm using magiclantern-v2.3.NEXT.2013Nov19.6D113.

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  1. One Percent

    This is a pan camera issue, you can go back into the ml menu and restart it this way. Menu key stops it and then you can go turn it off. Checked on 7D + 6D

  2. leandroprz reporter

    On my 60D after using the intervalometer, it resets to OFF automatically. Shouldn't all be the same?

  3. One Percent

    Builds from around the same time or 2.3? EOSM doesn't reset either... maybe needs some looking into. Seems either behavior has its benefit/drawback.

  4. leandroprz reporter

    Sorry, I forgot to mention I was referring to v2.3. It seems they changed the behavior in the new version. I prefer the old one.

  5. David Milligan

    Rather than intervalometer being started by turning it on and leaving the menu (which is inconsistent with the way any other ML features work), it was changed to have various possible 'triggers' to start it. So 'ON' in the menu, really now means 'enabled' not necessarily 'running'. It could be changed back to where it disabled itself after running, but like 1% said, there are pros and cons to both ways. IMO, having it stay enabled is a little more straight forward and consistent, as there are no other ML settings that automatically disable themselves.

    Another advantage is you can use config presets to setup a timelapse mode. Just enable it for your timelapse preset and use one of the triggers (like hold half shutter), and it will always be enabled, you won't ever have to go into the ML menu just to turn the intervalometer on or off.

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