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Ayoub Benali created an issue


here is an issue I got with nightly build of the 2013-12-28 02:55:09

problem: as you can see in the picture attached, the internal "exposure bar" of the canon menu seems to overlay with the ML menu in the bottom. It happens only when I switch the camera on the video mode bar keeps blinking.

It is just a minor bug, but it would be great if you could fix that. Thanks.

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  1. Anthony Newcomb

    Hello, I too have the same issue with this exposure bar overlapping the menu when the menu is activated in video mode. It's quite annoying as the bar flickers / Blinks randomly and covers part of the description on the bottom of the menu screen. I read about a fix somewhere but that was before I had the problem and I can find the topic again. This problem has existed as long as I've had ml installed but it's the only issue I'm having. Please help!

  2. andreasb242

    This bug still exists in the current nightly build, also in the liveview. Workaround: leave the live view.

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