Camera stuck in fancy silent mode after not using Magic Lantern.

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Not sure how this happend but it would be something to look out for. I have a canon 60d with the latest firmware and Magic Lantern 2.3.60d.111

After a few months of usage my old memory card needed a replacement and i bought a new 32 gig one. I however forgot to install Magic Lantern on it which should not be a problem as it would normally just default to the standard firmware however my camera was now stuck in a fancy silent mode.

In this mode i could click the shutter button all the way down and the mirror would go down, however not take a picture. Not before i clicked the shutter button once again it would take the picture hence like Canon's silent mode without having to hold down the shutter button.

This obviously became annoying very fast and installing magic lantern on the card fixed the issue. However every time i go back to a clean SD card the camera is stuck in the magic silent mode.

I have tried resetting the camera to factory settings but it did not help.

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