ML install isn´t working on 6D

Issue #1799 resolved
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I install following all steps and the firmware remains 113, not ML. Formatted SD on camera, ran EOScard with the "2 checks", copied all files on the zip folder to run ML on 113 firmware, updated firmware in camera to the file 6D000113.fir, update is normal but nothing happens...ML is not present/doesn´t run...can you help me, please?

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  1. goncalobrou

    canon 112, or ML 112? sorry, I find it confusing...How do I boot flag? then install 113 from canon, or again ML 113? thank you! (my original issue, sorry it was anonymous)

  2. goncalobrou

    thnx, figured that I needed to downgrade canon firmware from 113 to 112 to begin the process....then it was clear! sorry for that!

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