Error when booting MK3 with newer builds

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Gives an error after booting MK3 up and testing SD until 30-50%. After I turn off the camera and turn it back on the error is gone....

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  1. Alex

    Format the card or try another card. What are you doing to get the crash logs? Also upload your SETTINGS directory from the card.

  2. Protoltype

    Thank you for responding a1ex. I did format the card and copied the ML folder with the autoexec file again. But same thing happened. After turning the 5D Mark3 on after a fresh copy of ML it tests the SD-Card up until 30-50% the liveview turns into black and the small screen of the 5D Mark3 at the top shows "Error". After turning the camera off and on though the error is gone.

    I did not try using another SD Card. Currently, I am using a "SanDisk Extreme SDHC 4GB Class 10" with ML. This error did not happen on the earlier beta build than until begin of December 2013. So I did not want to brick my camera and did a fresh canon firmware install 1.1.3 and switched back to August 22. beta build.

    Now everything is fine. I get these more kind of smaller problems in the newer builds. These crash logs are written automatically on my SD or CF Card, sry forgot on which one it wrote.

  3. Alex

    The crash logs are not related to this bug, but they don't look good, so try to reproduce them.

    Do try with another card, especially if you shoot anything important (even without ML).

  4. Protoltype

    Allright I will do so today hopefully. But what do you mean by it does not look good? I bought this DSLR just last month. Do you mean my camera is not functioning since I bought it freshly or do you mean there is something with the actual builds of ML?

  5. Protoltype

    Well you were right ! I tried another SD card with the same ML nightly build (28. Dec.2013) and no problems at all !

    Later I will test shooting RAW with this build and if I encounter any Problems I will report. If no Problems occur then I will send my Sandisk SD card back as it did gave me these strange crashes. Thank you.

  6. Protoltype

    Actually funny is that the SD card working with this ML build is cheaper, older and only 1GB of Storage. That's strange. Maybe this new SD card was too fast (30MB/s) which then maybe forced the Canon 5D Mark3 skipping to read some of the ML files...

  7. Alex

    The card bug is likely a Canon bug (I have one card that does the same, but works just fine on 5D2). I've even got corrupted photos with that card on 5D3.

  8. Protoltype

    I've another crash for you a1ex. Detailed information will follow in a few hours. I will create a new Issue then post the link here.

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