HDR Video Mode wont stop

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I just installed ML on my Canon 5D MkII. I decided to test some stuff with the HDR video today.

I'm done with it now, so I tried to turn off the feature, which it said it was off, but it still does the alternating ISO thing when I'm in live view. In fact, if it starts out down at like 100 ISO, then it'll kick up to something else a little brighter, and then it kicks up even higher a third time, where it seems to stay. What the heck?

Can I use my camera without ML without deleting ML?

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  1. leapingoso

    I'm sorry, why is this invalid?

    I put a different card in and the camera works fine now, but it'd be nice to be able to use ML.

    Looking at the live view, a more apt description would be that the live view is alternating ISOs and not showing live motion - just frozen frames.

  2. leapingoso

    Thanks! FPS override did it.

    I'm not gonna read that entire massive article, but my guess is you'd appreciate it if I didn't speculate as to the cause of the problem, but rather give a detailed description of what bugs I'm actually encountering? ;-)

    Thanks again.

  3. Alex

    Yes, I knew for sure HDR video couldn't behave like that, but from your initial description I had no idea what could be. When you said it's changing the ISO, I thought you see the ISO value on the screen changing.

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