mlv_rec: Magenta zoom (5x 10x) in photo-mode if mlv_rec is enabled in movie-mode

Issue #1818 new
Joakim Poromaa created an issue

Replicate: 1. Turn on mlv_rec module and enable feature. 2. Change to photo mode 3. try use the 5x zoom or 10x zoom and image get tinted magenta.

The bug seems to occur regardless of sub-settings in mlv_rec.

Work-around: If you turn off the mlv_rec before switching mode the zoom-feature works fine. No problem if trying same thing with the raw_rec.

Build: Date: 2014-01-13 00:10:09 +0100 Changeset: d3fe962e803fbc0fb500534cef8334dedaf3d27b