EOS-M : ML "locks" image quality

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Former user created an issue

After using ML for shooting cropped video, and even with a non-ML card in the camera, the image quality in photo mode is locked and grayed out. Even removing the battery doesn't help.

Found a way: Change video size to 640x480, then go back to photo; quality settings work again.

What can cause this?

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  1. Alex

    Why do you think Canon did not include this feature?

    I'm afraid the only solution is to avoid using crop mode.

  2. Janke

    "Why do you think Canon did not include this feature?"

    I have no idea... in fact, there was a little sticker on the box that covered a feature: "3x-10x Movie Digital Zoom" - so, they had planned it!

    Why cant these amazing ML wizards fix it, considering all the other miracles they've done? ;-) ;-)

    I do need the crop mode because I have a huge inventory of C-mount lenses for 16 mm and TV cameras, and the crop mode makes them eminently usable, since the image area is just about the same...

    Are you aware of any negative effects that could damage the camera?

  3. Alex

    This hack only enables a hidden setting, and the warnings from ML user guide regarding 50D movie recording will apply here too. It's basically the same thing.

    It's not a feature coded by us, so I can't do anything about it. If it proves to cause more trouble, I'll just remove it.

  4. Janke

    "the warnings from ML user guide regarding 50D movie recording will apply here too"

    Sorry to ask, but what warnings would apply to the EOS-M?

    This is what I found in the user guide regarding the 50D:

    WARNING: Canon 50D was NOT designed to record movies. Keep in mind: This feature was not thoroughly tested by Canon and may be unstable (even if you record without ML). Always disable movie recording when you don't use it. Battery will drain quickly when recording; also, the camera may overheat.

    BUT: The EOS-M is designed to record movies! (Thee-position switch: A+, Photo, and Movie...)

    Sorry to bother you again, but is there something I didn't find during my many, many searches, something I need to know?

  5. Janke

    I don't have any... ;) ;) ;)

    Well, OK. Gotta be careful, then, not leave the camera in Movie mode, not keep a ML card in it, unless needed...

  6. One Percent

    Even though crop mode on in movie mode grays out the raw icon in photo mode I can change quality just fine from the canon menu and the info screen.

  7. Daniel Fort

    I followed the steps to reproduce this bug and believe that what the reporter has experienced was this:

    Set movie mode to 1920/24 or 1920/30 and Movie crop mode on.

    Go to the Canon movie menu and change the Movie rec. size. Note that there are no options to change the Movie rec. size. Menu_Movie_crop_mode.jpg However, pressing either the right or left side of the wheel will change the settings and the screen refreshes and shows the Movie rec. size options. Menu_pressing_right_or_left_wheel.jpg

    The original bug report mentions not being able to change the photo image quality, but I could not reproduce that. It also reports changing the video size but Movie crop mode only supports 1920x1080. The ML menu clearly shows this.

  8. Licaon Kter

    Yeah, I can confirm the movie size changing glitch. Although I feel this issue needs to be closed though.

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