Canon 6D RAW Video recording after 30 seconds CORRUPTED

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Former user created an issue

When I film in RAW (got the error on higher resolutions) after 30 seconds the recording breaks automaticly without warning. After trying to put them into DNG, RAWanizer/ Magic Lantern RAW to DNG tools fail. RAWanizer shows me that the raw has a resolution of 25000 x 29596 (high numbers) and it fails. Magic Lantern RAW to DNG just gives a runtime error

I tried with lower resolution and I get at the end of of processing Runtime Errors!

I can avoid this problem by not recording for more than 20-25 seconds

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  1. One Percent

    There was an DMA flag change that caused issues with errors at certain resolutions, g3gg0 didn't respond about why it was changed in main. Also can be MLV + IDX in the same folder. Either way I've recorded for way longer than that with sound.

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