Canon 5d mark 3 raw getting frozen.

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Timothy Huang created an issue

When recording in raw, the live view becomes frozen. Even when I am just setting up my camera, the live view sometimes become stuck, and i have to turn off the camera to get it unstuck. Please fix it.

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  1. Timothy Huang reporter

    I am using the nighty build. That shoots raw. Every time i change a setting, or do something, the screen gets stuck. I also got another problem, when shooting in crop mode, one frame of the footage will become purple. Is that normal?

  2. Audionut

    Raw recording was implemented back in May 2013. That means there are around 250 nightly builds that "shoot raw".

    You need to be more specific. What settings are you changing? Are you changing them in LV? While recording?

    Developers don't read minds!

  3. Timothy Huang reporter

    I used the most recent Nighty build. 1/31/14, no i just added a histogram and the levels and the screen just paused. Even while i'm shooting, the live view sometimes just becomes frozen, but its still recording. The setting i am changing is just the add on stuff for my live view, the freeze thing happens often, it pretty annoying. I'm not changing the setting while recording, even if i don't record in raw it still freeze the screen.

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