Streaks in cropped video EOS-M

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Janke created an issue

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  1. Giovanni Nanomad Condello

    We are no wizards...please provide more details about the settings used (FPS override?)

  2. Janke reporter

    No special settings, except 3 x video crop. This happens only occasionally, disappears when I switch to photo mode and back.

    PS: You certainly are wizards, having produced the Magic Lantern ! ;-)

    Thanks for everything !

  3. Janke reporter

    I don't think I ever changed the FPS from PAL 25, but I'll double.check.

    This happens only occasionally when switching from still to movie and back. I'll keep you informed if it recurs. ML is otherwise pretty stable with the settings I have - I only need 3x movie crop, and, fortunately, it stays on even if I don't run ML at all, i.e. use a non-boot card without ML. That's good! :)

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