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Marsu42 created an issue

When using xmp files on the 6d (yes, I'm using ML instead of TL now) sometimes the post-deflicker value is +5ev, resulting in a white image. Unless the real cause is found at least a fix for ignoring these high values would be advisable.

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  1. Marsu42 reporter

    Yes, the histogram afaik works, no burst mode. It might be that I was taking frames quickly after one another in single shot mode, I really didn't look (yet).

    Since this problem only occurs only now and then and is not easily reproduced I can only see the result in postprocessing, I don't know if the histogram is also ok on these specific shots when the post-deflicker fails :-\

  2. Alex

    How do you use post deflicker? for timelapse or as a helper to get all the exposures normalized?

    You get some logs if you turn on the console from modules debug. There are also some console_printf calls in post_deflicker_task that you can uncomment to get more verbose logs; these might give a clue.

  3. Marsu42 reporter

    I'm using it for exposure normalization. Before I look at the logs - might this be the same problem that results in the raw features failing in qr mode and the histogram position shift (see other ticket)?

  4. Alex

    I don't see the connection; those are about the raw backend.

    Can you do a quick check of the dynamic range indicator? Just check if it shows the same thing (+/- 0.1) on dark frame vs grossly overexposed image. If not, you may want to double-check the raw skip offsets (OB areas).

  5. Marsu42 reporter

    That sounds about right, I always suspected some timing/sync problem because 1% says everything's fine on this 6d, and as I wrote above this one time it also was on mine - until I rebooted again.

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