6d: raw features != qr & histogram position

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Marsu42 created an issue

The raw 6d features at last work after I've moved back to ML... but:

  • There is no "Hold->PLAY" (yet), meaning I have to PLAY every time just to check zebras/histogram which is a major usability hassle.

  • The histogram floats somewhere on the top-ish right instead of nicely aligned at the lower right corner like on 60d

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  1. Marsu42 reporter

    How interesting, I was just about to attribute you divine powers because I turned on my 6d and everything works just fine, histogram position and immediate display w/o entering play mode.

    But whatdayeknow - I restarted the 6d, and the problem was there again w/o me changing any config setting: https://bitbucket.org/Marsu42/ml-aiso/downloads/IMG_7804.JPG

    So I have absolutely no idea what the cause is because obviously does work now and again... but usually it doesn't.

  2. Marsu42 reporter

    That's "Color Space = RGB" and "Use RAW zebrase = OFF"? Yes, they are aligned in play, but also fail in qr like the histogram.

  3. One Percent

    wow, I've never seen that before

    zebras and histo look right for both jpeg and raw... bottom right corner light is the button to bring up overlays in play mode

  4. Marsu42 reporter

    "Fail" means that like the histogram, it doesn't show at all in qr mode, only in play - in the latter it's ok, but the histogram shifted position (you've already go a screenshot of that)

  5. Alex

    That screenshot doesn't tell much about the exact type of misalignment (it's just something floating in the air). Zebras will have a reference image to match.

  6. One Percent

    Maybe a raw hook is missed? It would do this when I was on the prev CR2 address, first shot/firstboot always "raw error" from ETTR (nothing drawn). They are landing correct zebras+histo every time now since I tried the "new" 5D3 address again.

    I might have to try to turn off the now not working Dual ISO preview and see if the prev singular hook causes this.

    Why did you end up not merging the preview, btw?

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