5D3 Invervalometer abort & Focus Ramp enable/disable

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I tried intervalometer on 5D3.

I wish there was a way to prematurely abort Intervalometer. I erased the battery, put it back and still invervalometer was active.

Also, Focus Ramp is OFF, but I used LV. Focus Ramp triggered itself without even touching it.

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  1. Alex

    Simply open ML menu and turn it off (you have 10 seconds at startup to do it).

    How to reproduce the focus ramp issue?

  2. QuentinBit

    The Lens I used is a vintage FD, so everything was manual. No autofocus available. So, although Focus Ramp was OFF, it was shooting variable exposures.

  3. QuentinBit

    The frequence of shooting, combined with Focus Ramp, prevented me from aborting. Camera got crazy. Was shooting every 3 seconds :(

  4. QuentinBit

    Hmmm, maybe once you vitis FocusRamp, once you set it to OFF, the choice is not properly registered.

    I reset ML configs. Today I recorded 1000 frames with 10s difference. Without touching Focus Ramp at all.

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