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Issue #1871 resolved

7D nightly - Raw/MLV rec cold boot to LV toggle issue.

One Percent
created an issue

So somewhere around the time the new memory backend went in, turning on MLV or Raw rec after cold booting to movie mode causes a full on hang.

I get no error logs. I can toggle it just fine if I boot to photo mode first or if its on already and I toggle it off/on. Sometimes when it hangs it comes enabled next reboot so the config might be saved.

I can usually hit a button and get a working LV for a while with no further gui options. I can also take a photo and it will end up on the card but the QR will be black and I can not take another.

Issue is present in ML/TL and both raw/mlv recs since 2/12 or 2/13 Several people have confirmed it as such... I don't know where to begin figuring this out.

Comments (7)

  1. Alex

    Can't reproduce with current nightly...

    (tried both raw_rec and mlv_rec, also dual ISO loaded)

    (also tried with all nightly modules loaded, including both raw_rec and mlv_rec, enabled only MLV, booting in movie mode, press REC and works)

  2. Alex

    I'll try more tomorrow.

    Meanwhile, can you pinpoint the changeset with hg bisect?

    (I believe it's the recursive lock in the raw backend, though I'm not very sure)

  3. One Percent reporter

    If I take off recursive lock here, the freeze is gone... the update function also does the lock too.

    void raw_lv_request() { //~ AcquireRecursiveLock(raw_lock, 0); raw_lv_request_count++; raw_lv_update(); //~ ReleaseRecursiveLock(raw_lock); }

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