[7D] Review screen bypassed.

Issue #1883 resolved
One Percent created an issue

When using intervalometer on the 7D the QR screen appears to be bypassed resulting in ETTR failing to change the exposure and deflick scripts not being created. Where should I look to see what happens. Have a feeling its related to moving of the deflicker into a separate module. It has gone un-noticed because it still seems to work on newer cams like 6D et al.

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  1. Alex

    Might be related to 1850.

    Not sure what to suggest... if I get things that can't be explained, I try to comment out stuff and maybe create a minimal example (a small routine that does only that thing and has the problem).

  2. One Percent reporter

    The fun all started on FEB 14th...

    Move post deflicker to module is the only relevant commit I can find. 13th is still OK

  3. One Percent reporter

    ok, so 7D seems to not need the SW1/SW2 stuff and calling "release" appears to work and you get the QR screen.

    Found something else... the shutter can be triggered with the SW1/2 stuff too. Either method seems to leave the camera not shutting down when the card door is opened. I.e MLU fired with either method 90% of the time, bulb timer 100% of the time so the notes saying it was just from exposures over 1" is wrong. Something is weird when the shutter is fired and you can't shut down via card door.

    When you go into LV it starts turning off with the card door.. when you come out it does not. Also in QR and in the menus. Even ML menu.

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