[7D so far] Histogram/ettr hint is different in HDMI and NonHdmi

Issue #1888 resolved
One Percent created an issue

So I tried the HDMI monitor today on the 7D. When its plugged in I get an ETTR reading of 4.4.. when I unplug I get 0.0... what could be happening?

I'll have to check a few other cameras.

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  1. Alex

    Check raw zebras, they may be misaligned too (and they will also show in which direction they are misaligned, or with what scaling factor).

    Ideally, these coordinate transformations should be handled by the backend, so drawing code that uses BM2LV and BM2RAW and similar macros should work regardless of display resolution and layout. Theory here: http://magiclantern.wikia.com/wiki/VRAM/Geometry

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