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gotar created an issue

I wonder whether this would be possible to use any picture's taken EXIF data as a template to the camera? I mean the ISO value, WB settings (temperature, offsets), expo etc. (maybe with image format/size too).

I see two usecases:

  1. easy coming back from experimenting/changed conditions to user's favourite/casual settings (or after lending device to someone else or making any change by mistake),

  2. adjusting settings for current scene - I sometimes find myself shoting a few photos with different settings just to choose the best one (mainly alternating WB as the 500D's auto isn't too good).

I realize these scenarios are not what pros do (like lending the camera or shoting blindly to find best values - especially for WB settings that don't matter in raw), but maybe this would be useful.

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  1. Audionut

    Create a feature request at the forums please.

    On second thoughts, I should notice that issue tracker allows enhancements.

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