MLV corrupt file (MLV_rec)

Issue #1909 resolved
Joakim Poromaa created an issue

When recording MLV with sound I get a MLV-file that seem to be corrupt. When converting using mlv_dump only several frames comes out as readable DNGs. Problem is not present in older builds from february. When converting with mlv_dump I also get error message: [ERROR] [W] Failed calculating the DateTime from the timestamp

however the MLV file seems to be ok when viewed in the RAWviewer v 1.0.3 alpha. Anyway at the moment there is no way I can get the dngs from the MLV files. What has changed, and if so is there a new mlv_dump somewhere?

Build: mars 13

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  1. Alex

    Can you find out in which build the problem appeared? (simply try the builds between February and March with binary search)

  2. Joakim Poromaa reporter

    The feb 14th build works. I will do a binary search through the builds to confirm where this error starts to occur. I'll be back

  3. Joakim Poromaa reporter

    Sorry, Work came in-between, then my girlfriend. Put GF on hold and I can confirm that the latest nightly works!

  4. Georg Hofstetter

    that bug is fixed now, reapplied the backed out changeset and fixed the bad line.

    if you have trouble with your files, please tell me, will provide a fixer then.

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