Central Multi-controller button bug

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In Canon still image playback pressing the Q button, then navigating to the raw conversion options and using the central Multi-controller to select custom cause magic lantern men to come up and then the camera top screen to present "Busy" and the camera to lock up. Turning off and on brings the camera back (no need to pop the battery I've found)

Steps to recreate

Press play to view a still Press Q Using multicontroller (or main dial, it doesn't matter which) navigate to custom raw conversion Press central multi-controller to select custom raw conversion

I am using the nightly 5D3 1.2.3 2014-03-16 changeset a9dced4a127b

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  1. Richard Graham

    VRAM1.jpg Here you go.

    In trying to find a way around this issue I've found that if you use the SET button instead of central multi-controller the bug doesn't happen and you can successfully go through to the custom raw conversion menu.

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