5D3 - tcc: error: undefined symbol 'FIO_CreateFileEx' and 'FIO_Open' - [E] failed to link modules

Issue #1912 invalid
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It started with mar04 ML nightly build. I thought it was solved by installing a newer version, but with the latest version the problem still remains. When I enable modules (to load at next startup), after restarting the camera in the module page, any module appears with an 'Err' beside it. Also appears this advice on the bottom of the ML menu:

tcc: error: undefined symbol 'FIO_CreateFileEx' tcc: error: undefined symbol 'FIO_Open' [E] failed to link modules

Anyone knows how to manage this? Many thanks!

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  1. David Milligan

    Looks like you're trying to use some old module(s). Those two functions were renamed in recent cleanups. Make sure to delete absolutely everything in ML folder and replace with new files from the nightly build .zip file.

    If the problem persists, maybe you are using a module that got missed in the cleanup. You should try to figure out which module exactly is causing this problem and report it (load them one by one and see which one(s) fail to load).

  2. Giovanni Nanomad Condello

    Closing as invalid, no references could be found in the ML modules shipped in the main repository

    Please try an updated one on a clean card and re-open the bug if the issue persists (it means something has gone wrong in the nighlty builds)

  3. Lorenzo

    Yes, it was my fault: everytime I update files in the card, I manually add the advanced intervalometer module ("adv_int.mo" file) because is not already implemented to the builds: it was that module (alphabetically the first) that generate the error! Thank you so much!

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