Magic Zoom flickers (650D)

Issue #1916 closed
Çağan Çelik
created an issue

Same issue what this user experienced here:

Can I also get a Magic Zoom prioritized build for 650D that will hopefully minimize flickering? Thanks

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  1. Çağan Çelik reporter

    Oh well, i hope this will be solved in the future. But thanks for an explanation.

    An idea... Can't we just ask Canon devs to provide us these key registers? It's not like their proprietary code will be spoiled or something.

    I'm sure Canon commercially benefits from Magic Lantern as well. Most of the time Magic Lantern is what makes people go and buy Canon and not Sony or Nikon. So the better Magic Lantern is, the more sells Canon right? Canon guys should drop being official and cold and instead they should develop friendly relationships with you guys, encourage and support you for what you have done.

    That's my opinion as a Canon customer.

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