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In my 6d, when i use auto-ETTR with a single shot, all works fine, but if i enabled intervalometer, ETTR doesn't calculate exposition between shots.

I found several users with this issue


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  1. Adam Treffiletti

    Auto-ETTR enabled (set to always on) - Slowest shutter set for 32 seconds Intervalometer enabled - set to take a photo every 35 seconds. Camera in manual mode.

    Auto-ETTR module appears to work just fine when used on a single shot basis, without using the intervalometer (i get a 'RAW ERROR' message but the exposure is adjusted as you would expect).

    When i combine it with the intervalometer however, i notice inconsistent results.

    For example, in my experiment with a sunset - at f8, i get nice auto-metering from shutter speeds of 1/4 (iso 100) to 0"6 (iso 100). From that point on however, the exposure does not correct for the decreasing light and the photo gets darker and darker as the sun continues to set.

    Sometimes, turning off the intervalometer while leaving auto-ETTR on will result in the Auto-ETTR module correcting itself and adjusting the exposure, but switching the intervalometer back on will again will eventually lead to inconsistent results as described above.

    Im currently running magiclantern-Nightly.2014Mar29.6D113 although i have experienced similar issues with earlier nightlies.

    With respect to the RAW ERROR message: I get the RAW ERROR message every time i take a photo with Auto-ETTR enabled (even without using the intervalometer). I am uncertain of just how critical this error is in regards to the Auto-ETTR working inconsistently when the intervalometer is enabled.

    Settings: RAW only (no .jpg)

    Just did a fresh format of the SD card and put the latest nightly on, and still get the error.

  2. One Percent

    it works fine here, can try to merge the other hook + skips. old hook never gave me raw errors though.

  3. Adam Treffiletti

    The raw errors may be the least of our concerns as it may just be an bug in the error handling. The exposure adjusts appropriately on a single shot basis despite getting the raw error.

    It's when Auto-ETTR is combined with the intervalometer than the results are inconsistent.

  4. Alex

    Nope, that error message is not a bug, it is the key to diagnosing the problem. If the source buffer is garbage, the adjustment is garbage.

    Note that even if the buffer address is not exactly correct (e.g. it may be metering from the buffer of some other past picture), the ETTR algorithm may appear to be working (so the error message should not be ignored in this case).

    Are raw zebras working fine? can you record a video showing them?

  5. Adam Treffiletti

    Thanks for clarifying that.

    Here's hoping that this issue can be resolved for the 6D so that the camera behaves as you would expect by adjusting exposure continuously when using the intervalometer.

    Just tested with Zebras on: They dont appear to display in live view in real time, but i can see hem in the image preview (for the couple of seconds it displays).

  6. One Percent

    Don't forget to set raw zebras from photo only to always on.

    Worst comes to worst just move to the other hook/reg/skips that was found for the dual_iso preview.

  7. Adam Treffiletti

    Strangely, ona single shot basis, with 'always on' ETTR, the raw error message doesn't display when i use full size raw images. However, with small raw images, i get the error.

    Ill test it with the intervalometer enabled and report back.

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