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ats1995 created an issue

My 500D does not respond to anything. With or without memory card, lens, flash, or even battery ^^ Whatever I do, no LEDs ever flash. It happened to me when I was trying a new flash cord. The setup was: 500D with offbrand battery, sandisk extreme 8GB 30MB/s, and a chipped M42 adapter. I took some pictures before I realized that flash firing was off. I enabled it, the shutter went off, and from what I remember, the first shot after that the camera gave me an error about communication between camera and lens. ML then stated it's usual writing error log. After a short time, when I thought it should be finished writing(maybe 1-2 seconds), I switched it off. I also unmounted and remounted the lens(adapter). After a few seconds of fiddling with my flash stuff I realized that the camera had froze. I pulled out the battery, and since then I've not seen any responds from it. Help?

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  1. ats1995 reporter

    Dough. You say suspect, but is there any other possibility? Is there a more basic test than the blinker? I'm essentially asking if anything can be done for my poor workhorse. I'd like to stop hoping if there is no hope. A false hope only leads to disappointment.

  2. Alex

    The blinker is the most basic test (it does not even start the main firmware, it operates directly from the bootloader).

    From the thread:

    If it doesn't blink:

    • Card is not bootable OR [ruled out since you know what you are doing]
    • Bootflag is not enabled in the camera (ML not installed) OR [ruled out]
    • Hardware failure (main board doesn't power up) OR
    • Bootloader corrupted (very unlikely) OR
    • Unsupported camera model (the LED address is different) [ruled out]
  3. ats1995 reporter

    How could the screen stay on if there was a power issue? A corrupt bootloader is very unlikely, but is it possible to test? When messing with bootloaders on phones, you connect it with USB and work on the computer. Could there be any such possibilities with cameras? If it require a lot of time looking into, there's no need atm. I'm quite busy with exams and such onward, and had plans on upgrading anyway. If it's hardware, I'll look into spare parts.

  4. Giovanni Nanomad Condello

    You mentioned "screen on". I take that happened once and right now you don't have that either?

    Some stuff I'd try right now:

    • Remove batteries, grip, lens, etc...

    • Connect USB cable on camera and PC

    • Does the pc try to recognize it? (I suppose not)

    • Maybe try with a different battery or an AC adapter

    There is a debug shell available on the camera but that needs at least reaching the bootloader stage. And without even a led blinking I'd say that it's not working either.

    My fear is that somehow one of the many embedded controllers on the mainboard got fried (possibly the TX chip as it's the one communicating with some external IO devices) and a reboot only worsened the situation (if that chip has a self test that fails your camera may refuse to boot at all). If that is the case, I'd blame the flash somehow discharging quite a lot of voltage/current through the hot-shoe when you powered it on.

  5. ats1995 reporter

    The screen stayed on after the crash, but since then it's been dead. Plugging it into the computer gives no response in compmgmt or anywhere else.

  6. Giovanni Nanomad Condello

    Closing as invalid, suspected hardware failure.

    Please update us with the damage report if you happen to send the camera to Canon support.

  7. ats1995 reporter

    Indeed. Wouldn't it be smart to warn about the possibility for damage with chipped adapters?

    It's not worth it sending it to Canon, but I want to open it and try to test what's wrong, and order new parts. Since I have a couple of ok aps-c lenses, I hope to have a look at it during summer holidays. That will be a lot of fun, but as of now, I don't have the time. In the mean time, I hope to get my hands on a used 5d2 or 5dc.

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